Lower Au Sable Trophy Waters

Lower Au Sable Trophy Waters (McMaster's Bridge to Oscoda)

Lower Au Sable Trophy Waters (McMaster's Bridge to Oscoda)

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From McMasters Bridge, through Mio and McKinley to 4001 Bridge, then from Foote Dam to Oscoda. Detailed, turn-by-turn instructions to the tenth of a mile for 32 trout water public access sites, and 6 more steelhead and salmon sites. History of the dams and the towns. Recipes and color photos for 8 fly patterns and an Emergence Schedule.

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Eric Sharps (The Free Press) review "Gotta Have It: Guide to the Lower Au Sable"

"I'll tell you a secret ---- come July I spend less time on the Holy Water of the Au Sable and a lot more on the river below Mio Dam.
So I'm not sure how to feel about the wonderfully upgraded version of "A Trout Angler's Guide to the Lower Au Sable River,
including the Trophy Water."

"It's maps, photos and notes give any angler all the information needed to fish the Au Sable from McMasters Bridge to it's mouth
at Oscoda, in superb color and including places where I've caught some of my biggest trout. It even gives GPS numbers for the access sites."

"Let's just say that this $27 guide from the Challenge Chapter is worth 100 times that in terms of the hours, energy and expense you'd
have to put out to develop this information yourself."

  Excerpt from Terry Drinkwines’s column in The Oakland Press, Sunday March 20, 2011

"One of the best products I found offered at the expo was the new Access Guide for the Lower Au Sable. This latest book is the work of the Challenge Chapter of Trout Unlimited who compiled and offer access information to most Michigan Rivers. These books contain maps of a specific river identifying all of the public access points and directions from major and secondary roads accurate to the tenth of a mile. I have a complete set and have always found them invaluable.

The Lower Au Sable River Guide covers the Au Sable from McMasters Bridge to Oscoda. It is a guide suited for all who want to go it alone, without a guide. Beginning with a brief history of the area, it has access information for both sides of the river and has a hatch chart with proven fly patterns for this section of the river.

Like everything else, these books have improved over the years, pages are now laminated and virtually indestructible compared to the earlier versions. I’m never without one pertaining to the river I’m fishing."

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