March 2015

Board Meeting

In Attendance: Ken McLellan, Gordon Baughman, Greg Baughman, Kelvin Connor, Mollie Proctor

Expo:  Need someone for Sunday morning shift.

Get Hooked on Fly Fishing - Saturday June 13 is the proposed date.  Need a Rochester or Troy city resident to reserve a spot.

2015 Funding Requests -
Michigan TU - $3000
Conservation Resource Alliance - $3000
Anglers of the Au Sable - $1500
Clinton River Watershed Council - $2500

Secretary - Website has been updated the new book

Conservation - No projects yet.

Treasurer - $24,795 in checking.  $6000 in book printing expenses due.  Dealer orders to be delivered at expo.

Education - Fly tying class - Kelvin, Chris, and Jeff have taught classes.  8 people in the class.  Getting check from Birmingham Community Ed.  Have collected fly tying fees from students.  Need to evaluate what to due with remaining fund to get a material inventory.


Chapter Meeting

Approved the funding request as proposed by the board. 

We also had an excellent presentation by Katie Ferner on her experiences fly fishing all around the US and her plans for Orvis Royal Oak.