January 2015

Board Meeting 1/13/15


Attendees: Dan, Chris, Ken, Greg, and Tony


Expo - Jim's got the book.  Need to get a sign up sheet for the expo.  Steelhead book is not ready yet.  Looking good though.  MITU is going  a lot of stream monitoring on streams on the west side of the state.  Might be nice to include that data in the future for the books.


Old records - Dan will look at the old records and see if there's anything to keep.


Contributions for Eric - defer until he is out of the hospital.  Individual contributions can be sent to :


Salmon in the Classroom - email went out to teacher who missed out last year, but she is in for this year. 


Prosak prints - Sold 1 print at Vanguard chapter and doanted 1.  Raised $200 for the coaster brook trout.


Meeting locations - Maybe Rochester Mills in the fall?


Dan Catau book - we have a case of them.  Add them into the Au Sable and Manistee book at expo and get a free one. 


Treasurer's report - $23,944.57 in the checking account.  Approximately $7,000 in printing for the new book expected.


Fly Tying Class - 8 people signed up.  Kelvin, Jeff, and Chris are teaching it. 



Presentation by Kelvin Connor on building Bamboo Fly rods.