April 2015

Board Meeting – April 14, 2015

Attendees: Ken McLellan, Kelvin Connor, Gordon Baughman, Mollie Proctor, and Tony Greening

Get Hooked on Fly Fishing – Three volunteers have come forth.  Will ask membership what they think. 

MITU Council Review – Ken went to the MITU meeting.  Financials look good.  They are looking at four interns this summer to do all the projects scheduled.  Need to concentrate on welcoming new members when they show up to meetings.

2015-2016 Board Nominating Committee – Most of the board is set for next year with the exception of president.  Here is the slate being proposed:

President - Chris Brecht

Vice President - Russ Holmes

Treasurer - Greg Baughman

Conservation - Gordon Baughman

Education - Kelvin Connor

Secretary - Tony Greening

Director At Large - Mollie Proctor

Director At Large - Dan Cronin

Membership – Discussion on how membership works.  How do we get more involvement? 

Next year’s programs – We have some ideas for speakers for next year. 

Education – fly tying class went well.  Suggestions were shared on how to improve the class for the future including how to increase participation.

Treasurer – no report but bank account looks good.    



Fishing weekends at EL Johnson Center – this year are May 9th, June 6th, June 27th, July 18th, August 22nd, September TBD.  Please consider helping out.  They give us a great deal on the facility and it’s a great way to help people learn how to fish.