Our next meeting is Tuesday, November 13th, 7:30 pm at Lockhart's BBQ, 202 E. 3rd Street in Royal Oak. Our speaker is Joe Hemming who will give a presentation on the successful litigation the Anglers of the Au Sable negotiated regarding the Grayling Fish Hatchery. All are welcome!

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November 2015

Attendees: Chris Brecht, Dan Cronin, Tony Greening


Matt Supinski to present in January meeting and we will sell raffle tickets.  We will sell tickets at the January, February, and March meetings. Tickets will be $20 and a maximum of 50 tickets or at the end of the March meeting.  


We will also sell tickets for Russ Holmes's rod. We will sell tickets at the Three Chapter Christmas Party and at January, February, March, and April meetings. Tickets will be $20 and a maximum of 50 tickets or at the end of the April meeting.  


December will be cancelled please go to the Three Chapter Christmas Party.  


Speakers - Mollie Proctor and Chris Brecht to contact several speakers for the 2016.


Budget - Formal budget approved. Decrease in donations this year due to increased spendings.  Added line item for speaker fees.


Conservation - If we do a local project Chris will have 10 - 12 kids that would participate.  Everyone thought this would be a good idea.


Book Sales - Jim gave out a worksheet of all sales for books.  Sales were good.


Fly Tying Class - Nomad offered to give us a discount on supplies for hte class.  Chris will coordinate.


Three Chapter Christmas Party - Donation of set of books, and Prosek print.