October 2015

Challenge Chapter Board Meeting

Attendees: Chris Brecht, Kelvin Connor, Dan Cronin, Greg Baughman, Gordon Baughman, and Tony Greening.

Conservation Ideas - Anglers of the Au Sable will be looking for volunteers for several projects on the Big Creek.  Gordon will look into it.

Meetings - discussion was had on having a general meeting st the Orvis store in Royal Oak but that would have to be on a Thursday.

Fly Tying Class - Kelvin discussed that we will be held again through Birmingham Continuing Education.  We talked about promoting it with Michigan Fly Fishing Club and through Orvis.  We want to increase the class size this year and look into having it outside of Birmingham Continuing Education.  

Chapter History - MITU has been asking for presentations from chapters on the history of chapters and we will need to put something together. 

EL Johnson Kids Fishing events - Chris suggested having a sign up list just like outings.  Greg will work with getting the list of dates for next year so we can get those sign up lists.

Local Outing - Chris suggested that we do a local outing with Orchard Lake St. Mary's to do a local outing.  Maybe the Clinton River or Paint Creek?  Chris will coordinate with Clinton Valley chapter.

Native Steelhead Initiative - National TU is looking at starting the project in the Great Lakes.  We said some of the profits from the new steelhead book could go to this initiative.

Fall Outing - Chris suggested that we do a late fall outing either for steelhead or trout.  

Speakers - Discussion on speakers and possibly paying them rather than just supplying dinner.  Good speakers will help with turn out of members.  Suggestion was for a budget of $1000 for this.