April 2016

Board Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Dan Cronin, Gordon Baughman, Mollie Proctor, Chris Brecht, Greg Baughman, Kelvin Connor, and Tony Greening

Vice President Opening - Dan Cronin has volunteered to become Vice President (after chapter vote in May) as long as it does not mandate him becoming President.  He would still serve as MCTU representative unless someone fills that opening.

Midwest Fly Fishing Expo - We looked into a credit card reader from PayPal.  It will charge us 2.7% to take credit cards but we will not lose as many sales due to people not wanting us to write down their credit card info.  Board voted to authorized up to $100 for an Android device (cheaper) to connect the reader to.  We sold 76 book and made $1,339.  Good job!

Outings -  We discussed cancelling our teach a child to fly fish in order to concentrate on books and many others already do teaching of kids.  We also said we would look into when the EL Johnson fishing dates were this summer to have more participation.  Mollie volunteered to contact EL Johnson.

Clinton Valley would like to offer for us to sell tickets to their banquet.  We'd pay $10 and collect $25.  The difference would be ours to keep and there is no commitment that we must sell any amount of tickets.

Fly Tying Class - we had 13 people attend including several new tyers.

Treasurer - we paid quarterly sales tax.

Conservation - Our June outing is now on the 3rd.

River Guides - we need new people to take over from Jim Zyla.  If you are interested contact Tony Greening or Kelvin Connor.

May picnic - Mollie to check with Nancy Spence about food.  Mollie and Dan to bring beverages.  Please come as this is a great time.

MITU - the meeting is June 25th.  We need someone to represent the chapter.  Please contact Dan Cronin if interested.

Speakers for next year - Dan Cronin and Julio Mazzoli to head up a subcommittee.


2016-2017 Board

President - Chris Brecht

Vice President - Dan Cronin

Treasurer - Greg Baughman

Education - Kelvin Connor

Conservation - Gordon Baughman

Secretary - Tony Greening

At-Large - Mollie Proctor

MITU- Open


At the general meeting we had a great presentation by John Walters President of MITU.