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February 2019

Challenge Chapter Board Meeting – February 5, 2019
Meeting called to order 7:10 pm.
In attendance: Dan Cronin, Jim Zyla, Kelvin Connor, Dave Parker, Conrad Surdu, Judd Street
Treasurer Report: Current bank balance  $12,849.82
   We have no current requests for donations
   We are on target for upcoming Fly Fishing Expo
Old Business:
 Outings – Four options discussed regarding number of outings
1. Should we drop 2 outings?
2. Drop lodges requiring 10+ people
3. Pick one: Wawasum or Fullers or Au Sable Valley View
4. Add Woodland Springs as a September outing.
Consensus from discussion led to a motion to drop May – July outing and have
two outings; August – Wawasum and September – Cast/Blast
New Business:
1. Discussion of National TU recomendations/response to headwaters Chapter Treasurer Thefts.
30K was stolen; it has been paid back by the guilty party
TU State Council discussed having 2 persons sign chapter checks.
State council made motion that chapter banks send statement to both treasurer and chapter president and report at chapter meeting.

2. We have one funding request:  Kalamazoo Kids Camp; will discuss at next meeting.

3. Last year requests were received from CRWC, Cedars of the AuSable, Coaster Brook
Trout, Michigan TU, Junglecock Org.

4. Clinton Valley Banquet Offer
Discussion revolving around Clinton Valley Chapter Banquet and should we support it.  Is apparently a money maker thru bucket item & meal sales.  Consensus was we would not do it but would pass out information about the banquet.

5. Expo preparations & booth
Discussion indicated we would have an “Expo” meeting in March, prior to the Exposition.  We need to make sure the iPad is working.

6. New Board Members:
The issue is the trouble of getting volunteers to serve on the board.  Discussion included ways to do this; among them were “talking it up” at the membership meetings.

7. Kids Fishing:  We have a jumble of rods, reels, tackle that need to be usably “Cleaned
Up”, hooks tied to lines, etc.  These are used at Johnsons N.C. for kids fishing days.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm
Respectively submitted by Dave Parker